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Impact of Voice Recognition Software on Medical Transcriptionists

When I started to write anarticle on this subject I was not aware that medical transcriptionists do havea major dislike about using Voice Recognition software fordictation purpose. The reason is quite simple the accuracy level that VoiceRecognition software provides is less than 99.5% which is the standard accuracylevel for medicaltranscription services. Moreover, the kind of errors which occurs in VoiceRecognition software are more than just typos. Sometimes the meaning of anentire sentence changes because of the logic applied by the software. Let megive you a blunt example. In the medical report if it is written “urine”, thesoftware recognizes it as “you’re in” which is a major blunder. Sometimes it isvery difficult to deal with such phonetic errors quickly. But even if youcorrect these errors there are still about 5% more errors which might take along time in correction. Hence, medical transcriptionists usually disliketranscribing a document from Voice Recognition Software.

But the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is why is there so much of gung-ho overthe use of Voice Recognition in medical transcription? What role does it playin medical transcription business?

Let us look at an in-depth answer to thesequestions by analyzing these questions separately:

Let me first of all explain thebasic function of Voice Recognition Software by explaining the transcriptionprocess. In the current scenario there are two types of medical transcribers: Onewho transcribes video to text and they are also known as medical transcribersor medical transcriptionists. The other one only edits the transcribed documentto ensure that the quality of the document is up to the mark and if they findit accurate the transcribed document is forwarded to the client.

When this software was initiallyintroduced in 2006 there was a lot of skepticism about the role of medical transcriptionists in nearfuture. But as the days went by things got clarified that no voice software canprovide 100% accuracy in terms of medical transcription. It was then determinedthat human component is very crucial for medical transcription business. It isnearly impossible to carry out the medical transcription business withoutrelying on human interpretation of the recorded audio. Even in near future itis impossible to visualize 100% impact of voice recognition software in medicaltranscription business.

I also found various commentsfrom physicians and other medical practitioners about voice recognitionsoftware from a discussion forum titled “VoiceRecognition - I hate it “which will put the argument on rest about a strongimpact of voice recognition software on medical transcriptionists. “EmmaMT” wrote “My Company is making the move to VR for as many accounts as they canand, wouldn't you know it, the account I love and am doing really well on and makinggood money on is going to VR.  My linerate is slashed in half and I have spoken to other people who have gone to VR afew months ago and they say they are not making anywhere near what they weremaking typing.  This really annoys me asI NEED the money!  I may have to look foranother job.  Anybody know of any goodcompanies that you can actually just still TRANSCRIBE for like the good olddays?  I hate this VR!

You can read this comment bycopying and pasting the link given below:

In another post titled “Escription aka Voice Recognition is M E L TI N G! “another user “mtme quoted” I didn't think it would last this long.As a for instance, now get this - if you doing a numbered list, if the sentenceis not a complete sentence then no period at the end. If a complete sentence,then a period. However, if not a numbered list, then periods for incompletesentences. So if you are editing, you must first diagram the sentence to decideif it is a complete sentence. This takes time.

Time is money. Escriptiondoesn't care if you are not making money because they ARE! How do I know?Because one of my clients told me they pay 4 cpl to Escription for every linethat comes off their system. So here we are doing all the hard work andEscription is kicking back collecting the loot. It should be a crime. Anyway, Idon't think this is going to last much longer because they are paying slavewages and we won't keep putting up with it.”

You can read this comment bycopying and pasting the link given below:

Hence, as far as medicaltranscriptionists are concerned there is nothing to be worried. There will beample of hiring opportunities for them in medical transcriptioncompanies.

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