Friday, August 21, 2015

Illucient Purchasing Alliance Selects ezDI for CAC and CDI Solutions to Maximize Reimbursement and Mitigate Compliance Risk

Illucient Purchasing Alliance, LLC (IPA), a joint venture between the Southern Atlantic Hospital Association (SAHA) and the Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA), has decided to partner with ezDI, Inc., to afford IPA member hospitals the ability to take advantage of IPA negotiated discounts for deploying ezDI's ezCAC (computer-assisted coding) and ezCDI (clinical documentation improvement) software.

According to Derrick Billups, Executive Director at Illucient,
“Illucient Purchasing Alliance was created with the goal of enabling members to pursue cost reduction opportunities while supporting quality. Our partnership with ezDI can help Illucient member hospitals achieve these objectives and goals.”

ezDI provides best in class computer-assisted coding (CAC) using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that incorporates linguistics and a deep knowledge base for both coding and CDI. The solution is a single, enterprise platform that sits atop the various systems within a hospital allowing their seamless integration into the coding/CDI workflow to deliver real-time management controls. Specific features include user configurable coder/CDI work lists populated with required documentation elements to allow review, physician query automation based on clinical indicators within the health record, DRG analysis tools, compliance/audit functionality incorporating industry regulations and many other features.

According to IPA member, Wayne Memorial Hospital's Director of HIM, Ms. Phyllis Dreading,
“When evaluating CAC applications, we found ezCAC to be super easy to use with a user interface that is configured exactly how the system's users would want it done. It is very obvious that ezDI spent a great deal of time listening to HIM, coding and CDI professionals in gathering information on what revenue cycle professionals need in a CAC/CDI application, it's exactly what we have been asking for in the industry."
ezDI’s healthcare informatics products leverage technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) analytics, Semantic Web, ICD-10 data mining, machine learning, ontology and high-performance computing into a highly advanced, singular workflow that can identify patients at risk, patterns in diseases and treatment outcomes without users having to spend hours pre-processing and preparing data. The ezDI solution combines these technologies to interpret clinical sentence structure in a very granular fashion. The software takes medical ontology using semantic web to identify and maintain the millions of medical relationships and population health concepts contained within ezDI.

“We’re thrilled with our selection by Illucient and the ability to partner with Illucient members like Wayne Memorial,” said Terry Ciesla, Executive Vice President for ezDI. “Achieving coding specificity with a verifiable audit process for accurate reimbursement is completely manageable with our ICD-10-ready CAC and CDI solutions. We’re pushing the boundaries of healthcare computerization with an easy-to-use and affordable CAC/CDI enterprise solution. We’re proud to provide a suite of products that focus on predictive analytics, population health initiatives and disease prevention.”

ezCAC is based upon an award-winning Medical Language Understanding (MLU) engine - ezNLP - and a patent-pending ICD-10 solution. It delivers automation and optimization for assigning healthcare codes. ezCDI leverages ezNLP and other proprietary solutions to build configurable work lists that prioritize cases with the highest probability for documentation improvement. ezCDI transforms a hospital’s CDI program into an automated, real-time, collaborative and highly communicative CDI model.

About Illucient, LLC

Illucient Purchasing Alliance, LLC is a joint venture between Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA) and the Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance (SAHA). Illucient is made up of 23 healthcare systems, 43 hospitals and approximately 9,300 beds in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Illucient’s mission is to provide a diverse portfolio of cost-saving opportunities through collaborative efforts and member engagement.

ezDI provides a variety of solutions such as Computer-Assisted Coding, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Compliance Auditing, predictive and prescriptive analytics, population health, disease management, quality and performance measures, and clinical registries. ezDI is an established medical transcription service organization with a reputation of providing affordable, high-quality transcription within tight turnaround times.

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