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Endearing traits in a great medical transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are key elements in medical transcription company. Hence, in this blog I have concentrated on endearing traits that make a great medical transcriptionist.

I have always concentrated in my blogs to write about the distinguishing factors which makes this domain highly desirable for aspiring medical transcriptionist. This write-up is no different. It showcases different traits of a great medical transcriptionist that normally are not possible for ordinary performers. Now when I talk about great medical transcriptionists I am talking about great performers who make such an effort that their performance uplifts the entire team and makes the goals of the medical transcription company that much closer. Now, the question that you might be asking is how do you gauge the greatness of traits in a medical transcriptionist? And how can you differentiate their traits from others? This is a very good question and can be understood only after you read this entire blog. See my idea is to make sure that the aspiring medical transcriptionists know what it means to be a star performer in a company and what it takes to come to that position. The number of hard working hours that you need to pass on is just the beginning. It is all about giving your best and then wait for the right chance to bear the fruits of success for your hard work.

Let me start enumerating these traits. But before I begin let me depict a quote from Beverly Sills,

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” 

From this quote you might have got a fair idea that there is no way you can achieve these traits just by reading them. You need to apply them to become the best medical practitioner in your company; or if you are an aspiring medical transcriptionists this quote is an ideal one to make you aware that the road ahead is not so rosy but will open up flood-gate of opportunities if you work with determination and hard work:

  • Be creative: This is the most important criteria to become the best. Always remember that mediocre people follow the ideas of others, genius creates their own ideas and make their goals to practically implement the ideas for the betterment of the entire society. If you are struck with a problem while transcribing a document never go for the tried and tested methods rather go for the unconventional method and try to find out how you can resolve the problem creatively. This way you will come up with an altogether different solution which will be unique and possibly special for others to follow. Always lead with a pack of ideas and never follow ideas of others. Think creatively rather than traditionally while dealing with problems. This way you will become a great medical transcriptionist.

  • Be courageous and courteous: There will be times when you need to be bold while taking a particular decision. For example; you are stuck with a particular word and are unable to get that word dictated by the physician. But somehow you come to know about the word from the way it is pronounced. Go with your gut feelings by being courageous enough to complete the transcription quickly. Leaving blank spaces is also an option but if you are sure of the word go for it. If by chance you make a mistake accept it courteously and never regret on your decision. Always accept your mistakes quickly and learn from them. That way you will learn quickly and grow faster than others.

  • Cultivate the habit of contributing to the organization: If you are only thinking about your personal goals rather than the organizational goals then you will be dissatisfied in the end. Rather than that always cultivate the habit of doing extra work if you are done with your transcribed files. Provide help to people who are facing difficulties. Also try to encourage healthy discussion with your colleagues so that you can learn from them and can contribute in some way to the organization. This way you will grow much faster by synchronizing your personal goals with the organizational goals.

  • Adopt a habit of continuous learning: Although you may be a very good performer always cultivate the habit of learning from your and other’s mistakes. The only way to grow forward is to learn continuously. Use dictionary and learn different medical terminologies so that you can become proficient while transcribing medical documents. Keep the reference books close to you so that whenever you are in some sort of doubt you can use these resources to learn from them.

  • Be responsible: Even if you have made a mistake in a particular medical document while transcribing accept the responsibility of it. Never blame others for what you have done wrong. This way you will cultivate the habit of being responsible to yourself; and never put blame on others in worst situations. There may be times when people will get in your way and de-motivate you always be positive and courageous in such events and learn to take the responsibility on your shoulders. This will make you a better person and will give you a chance to excel in your life in a better way.

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