Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Richmond University Medical Center Streamlines Coding / Clinical Documentation with ezDI's Cloud-based Solution

Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) will implement an integrated suite of revenue cycle software from ezDI, Inc., a venture of Mediscribes, Inc.

In order to reduce documentation delays and provide real-time revenue monitoring, Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) will implement an integrated suite of revenue cycle software from ezDI, Inc., a venture of Mediscribes, Inc. Delivered through a cloud-based platform, the ezDI software enables RUMC physicians to collaborate from anywhere at anytime with others in healthcare information management, coders and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) staff. ezDI’s all-in-one workflow solution features computer-assisted coding for coders (ezCAC) and the clinical documentation improvement specialists (CDS). ezDI also delivers a compliance auditing module, analytics tools and dashboards as a part of the total solution.

“When compared with other CAC applications, we found ezCAC extremely easy to use with a user interface configured exactly how our system's users would want," said Robert Ren, Vice President for Revenue Cycle and Managed Care, RUMC. "It’s obvious that ezDI spent a great deal of time listening to HIM, coding and CDI professionals to find out what revenue cycle professionals need in a CAC/CDI application. It’s precisely what we’ve been asking for. We were blown away by ezCAC's advanced technology and the flexibility within the platform. It gives our team incredibly fast and accurate reimbursement information and increases oversight of the coding process.”

ezDI’s healthcare informatics products leverage technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web, and high-performance computing to identify patients at risk, patterns in diseases and treatment outcomes without having to spend hours pre-processing and preparing that data.

"Our enterprise solution is the only one of its kind in the market today. We have taken Natural Language Processing (NLP) and added several new key technologies that abstract and make sense of clinical sentence structure in a much more granular fashion. To accomplish this, we focused heavily on medical ontology using semantic web to identify and now constantly maintain the millions of medical relationships and population health concepts contained within ezDI. We built ezDI's technical infrastructure using tomorrow's technologies today and our award-winning results place ezNLP as the #1 Medical Language Understanding (MLU) engine and platform in the industry. We are pushing the boundaries of healthcare computerization with an easy-to-use and affordable CAC/CDI system and we will be delivering a suite of products that focus on predictive analytics, population health initiatives and disease prevention," said Terry Ciesla, Executive Vice President for ezDI.

ezCAC is built on an award-winning Medical Language Understanding (MLU) engine - ezNLP - and a patent-pending ICD-10 solution, and delivers automation and optimization for assigning healthcare codes. ezCDI leverages ezNLP and other proprietary solutions to build configurable work lists that prioritize cases with the highest probability for documentation improvement. ezCDI transforms hospital’s CDI program into an automated, real-time, collaborative and highly communicative CDI model.

Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) is an affiliate of The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai School of Medicine on Manhattan. A 470+ bed healthcare facility, RUMC serves New York City borough residents as a leader in the areas of surgery, gastroenterology, pediatrics and pediatric gastroenterology, endocrinology, urology, oncology, orthopedics, surgery and maternal health. Its main campus is located on Staten Island, New York. RUMC also offers behavioral health services at its Bayley Seton campus.

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ezDI provides a variety of solutions such as Computer-Assisted Coding, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Compliance Auditing, predictive and prescriptive analytics, population health, disease management, quality and performance measures, clinical registries, and much more. ezDI is firmly established as a medical transcription service organization with a reputation of providing affordable, high-quality transcription with austere turnaround times.

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